Stepables.comProductsAceana inermis Purpurea Purple New Zealand Bur amethyst colored foliage makes a perfect carpet. It becomes covered with creamy flower spikes in summer. Foliage turns ruby red when planted in full sun. Perfect for spilling over retaining walls.Aceana saccaticupula Blue Haze New Zealand Bur spreading groundcover with attractive, intricate pale blue-gray foliage looks good all year in mild climates. Cream flowers of this variety mature to dark brown .Achillea tomentosa Lemon Dwarf Woolly Yarrow, fuzzy and durable are the words to decribe this cute little creeper. This perennial hugs the ground and throws up the beautiful lemon yellow flowers in late spring.Acinos Alpine Calamint tough cushion forming plant. Light green leaves give this plant a great deal backdrop when itt gets covered with light purple flowers in the summer. This plant loves hot, dry weather and thrives on being ignored!Acorus gramineus Aurea Miniature Golden Sweet Flag moisture loving plant can be planted directly into a shallow pond or next to your favorite woodland perennial.Use between stepping stones and enjoy a pleasant citrus fragrance when walked on.Ajuga Chocolate Chip Bugleweed, Chocolate chip colored foliage forms a beautiful carpet on the ground. Blue flower spikes push in spring and autumn. Great for beneath trees and shrubs where little else can grow.</span>Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow'[]Burgundy_Glow[].htmlAjuga reptans Dixie Chip Bugleweed reptans Mahogany reptans Metallica Crispa Bugleweed