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*Note: If your search results come up with little or no plant options, try broadening your search. You may need to reconsider some of your options.

Our Project Perfect® All Terrain Ground™ Cover plant line contains over 40 (and growing) unique ground covers for you to choose from.
Very are very excited to bring All Terrain™ Ground Covers to you and can’t wait to expand our distribution in 2015-16!
Please use the questionnaire below to help you narrow your search and find exactly the plant you need for your particular situation. We are certain you will be able to
“Pick the Right Plant for the Right Spot"


Search By
Traffic Area


      Most ground covers
will take "some" foot
traffic now and then
However, most will not
like it on a regular basis

Light Traffic Area
(1-2 times a week)
Plants that will take foot traffic
1-2 times a week will come up on search

Moderate Traffic Area
(1-2 times day)

Plants that will take foot traffic
1-2 times a  day will come up on search

Heavy Traffic Area
(3+ times a day)

Plants that will take foot traffic
3 or more times a day will come up on seach

 Plants will take little to no foot traffic


You can choose ANY as an option when you are not sure.
All options will come up on search

Search By
Sun Exposure

Consider what your site will look like
  in the middle of summer.
This is the most stressful time of year
for plants due to lack of water and high heat.

Knowing what your site will be like
at this time of year
will help make a better choice in plant material.


Your area will be in all day sun and heat.

Part Sun
Your area gets at least half a day's worth of afternoon sunlight.


 Your area is shaded from the sun, but has some filtered light coming through.

Part Shade
Your area gets soft,morning light.

Planting Area Environment

Realize all plants need water.
Some more than others, some less. 
No matter which button on the right
you choose you will still need to
water your plantslong enough to
establish a strong root system.

Low Water  
Dry area with little to no water available

Normal       Rainfall under normal conditions. 
                  The area is watered by hand or auto irrigation

Constant damp area/never dries out

How do you water?
Pay careful attention to your watering habits
 and note the available water at you disposal. 

Even the best of us miss a plant
from time to time when hand watering.
The plants selected for hand watering
were done so with that in mind.

Hand Water

Search By Height
How high do you need your plants to grow?

Foundation platings should range from 12"-24".
Curbside platings would be on the
shorter side of 12" unless foot traffic isn't an issue.
Hillside plantings can from 4" to 36" depending on preference and size of hill.  

*Note-Size plays an important role in creatinga
visually appealing landscape.
A tall groundcover on a small hill will look overwhelming, 
just as a tiny groundcover will be underwhelming 
planted below a huge tree.
1" – 4"
Fairly Low Grower
6" - 12" 
Medium grower
12" - 24" 
Large grower
X-large grower
You can choose ANY as an option when you are not sure.
All options will come up on search

Search By Growth Rate

Slow growing plants take longer to fill in,
but are less maintenance.

Fast growing plants fill in quickly,
but can be more work to maintain.

Search By Zone
If you don't know your zone
go to our zone map to find out

Zone Map
Zone 1 Zone 5 Zone 9
Zone 2 Zone 6 Zone 10
Zone 3 Zone 7 Zone 11
Zone 4 Zone 8

Search By
Flower Color
Cream Blue Purple
White Pink Orange
Inconspicuous Yellow None

Search By
Foliage Color

Blue Gray Bronze
Gold Red Variegated
Light Green Purple Black
Dark Green Any

Search By
Soil Condition

What kind of soil do you have?

If you do not know, you should bring a soil sample
in to your local garden store to have it analyzed.

Some plants do better than others in certain types of soil.
So when you tell us what kind of soil you have,
we can tell you which plants will work best
for your particular spot. 

Search By
Addition Info
Pool Area Deer Resistant Humid Area Kid Traffic
Scented Dog Traffic Butterfly Friendly Attracts Bees

Planting Requirements:
Choose as many as required.
Checked indicates yes.

If your search comes back
with not enough results,
look over this area and uncheck
a few boxes to widen the search.
Curb Planting
Lawn Alternative-walk on
Lawn Alternative-ornamental only
Foundation Planting
Pond Area
Transitional Area
Retaining Walls
Chinks in Walls
Rock Garden
Dry Creek
Green Roof
Large Hillside
Small Slope/Low Grade
Mass Planting Appeal
Showcase Area
Under Trees
Dry Shade
Moist Shade
Under Trees & Shrubs
Woodland Area






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