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"Picking the Right Plant for the Right Spot"
Which One Do I Choose?

CREEPING PERENNIALS grow close to the ground and generally do not get taller than 4-6", with many only reaching 1-2" high. These plants can take quite a bit of foot traffic and are perfect for planting between stepping stones or used as a lawn substitution. They are great for pathways and borders, around ponds or in containers. They are NOT generally used for large planting areas such as steep slopes, culvert areas or foundation plantings. Creeping perennials spread on average, 4-6" a year with an unlimited reach (yes...walking on them actually encourages lateral growth!). They are best used when the scale of the project requires the eye to be drawn down to ground level. Appropriate sizing of hardscape and surrounding plant material should be taken into account to create an area that is visually pleasing to the eye.

GROUND COVERS grow anywhere from 2" off the ground up to 36" high. They can spread up to 36-48" across, and many grow at a rapid rate. Most are much larger in stature than creeping perennials, growing 1-2 feet a year versus only a few inches. They are best used when the scale of the project requires a larger viewpoint and covers a much broader area. Large hillsides, around trees, landscape focal points or as a boundary planting between yards would be common uses for ground covers. Some will take foot traffic, but most will only take it on occasion. In this category, you will find quite the mix of evergreen ground covers, colorful succulents, snazzy perennials and even our first annual into line.

No matter the choice, determining the obstacles of the planting area, the appropriate light and water requirements, and overall budget will help immensely before planting to create a smooth transition from pen and paper to reality.

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