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Fran White-Creator of STEPABLES
Fran White President
Under A Foot Plant Co.
Under A Foot Plant Company has been dedicated for 25 years to finding fantastic plants that are durable, dependable and tough for your landscaping needs. 
When you use our plants under your feet, around your shrubs, or over your retaining wall, you can rest assured that we have put these plants through rigorous testing to ensure that they not only survive for you;
they thrive for you!!
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STEPABLES Dianthus Petite with Butterfly

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Save Water-Plant Smarter
Quickly identify which of our plants are the best choice for your drought stricken landscape!STEPABLES Drought Wise Logo
 Look for the Drought-Wise icon on selected plants to turn an unbelievably difficult situation into an easy solution
Need More Help?

Know Which Way to Go!
Pick the Right Plant for the Right Spot
 STEPABLES Creeping Perennials    
STEPABLES are problem solving creeping perennials that alleviate every day landscaping dilemmas.  Create that dream pathway, control weeds around borders, or go completely green with a lawn substitution.
Any way you go, you will love the results!
All Terrain   
All Terrain Ground Covers   will help you succeed with your larger landscaping problems.
Easily handle curbside planting nightmares,     create beautiful foundation plantings around your house or cover a barren hillside to control erosion.
Covering your ground was never this easy!
Read Fran's Blog to Learn More About Using Creeping Perennials and Ground Covers

        Parched Paths Are No Match for Our            Drought-Wise STEPABLE Creeping Perennials!
Sedum album  Coral Carpet Stonecrop Herniaria glabra Green Carpet Sedum acre path
Coral Carpet
Stonecrop Path
Green Carpet Rupturewort Path
Thymus serpyllum Elfin Thyme Thymus praecox ‘Pseudolanuginosus’ Wooly Thyme
Elfin Thyme Path
Woolly Thyme Path
Goldmoss Stonecrop Path

Every yard should FEEL this good!
STEPABLES Red Creeping Thyme Lawn Substitution
Drought-Wise All Terrain Ground Covers Help You Focus Your Garden On Beauty-Not On Water!
Drought-Wise All Terrain Gardens Campanula Drought-Wise Retaining Wall Thyme Archers Gold Drought-Wise Rock Gardens
Bellflower Rock Wall Archers Gold Rockery
Sedum Angelina Drought-Wise Stonecrop Cerastium tomentosum Snow in Summer Drought-Wise Slope
Drought-Wise All Terrain Ground Covers Stonecrop Angelina Bark Replacement Snow in Summer Covering a Slope

Find The Right Plant For The Right Spot Below
        STEPABLES Elfin Thyme Lawn Sustitution Vinca minor Bowles Periwinkle bank Lysimachia nummularia Aurea  Golden Creeping Jenny as accent_2015311 Thymus citriodorus Archer's Gold Rock Wall Babys Tears in Shade    
  No-Mow Lawn Areas Slopes and Hillsides Focal Points Wall Plantings Shady Areas  
  Ajuga Catlins Giant Ground Cover  All Terrain Groundcovers and STEPABLES  Isotoma fluviatilis Blue Star Creeper Courtyard  Stonecrop Coral Capet Garden Rock Garden  STEPABLES Curbside   
  Large Planting Areas Bark/Mulch
Pathways, Courtyards
and Patios
Rock Garden Areas Curbside Areas  
  STEPABLES Non Flowering Dianthus Tiny Rubies Front Walk STEPABLES Fairy Garden Draba siberica Sedum album 'Coral Carpet' curb  
  Non Flowering Plants Fragrant Plants Fairy Gardens Early Bloomers Summer Bloomers  
  STEPABLES courtyard All Terrain Gound Cover STEPABLES Foot Traffic dw

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Creeping Perennials
All Terrain
Ground Covers
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