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Rock Garden Planting Areas

Large or small, wide or narrow, rock gardens come in all different shapes, sizes and forms.
The tricky part is to determine what kind of rock garden you want. Are you looking for big and bold, rough and tumbly?
All Terrain Ground Covers would be your choice.

STEPABLES Creeping Perennials are your best bet if your have a flat area and are covering the garden floor. 

You can even mix and mingle, just be sure to safeguard the little creepers so the bigger ground covers don't over run them.

STEPABLES Creeping Perennials
All-Terrain Ground Covers
Use STEPABLES in your rock garden walls and slopes to keep color at a peak, but height to a minimum.     All Terrain Ground Covers are fabulous in rock gardens. Mix and match different colors and forms to create an interesting rock garden all year long.
STEPABLES Creeping Perennials Rock Garden Walls/Slopes 
All-Terrain Ground Cover- Rock Garden Walls  
STEPABLES Rock Wall2016413                                                         Assorted All Terrain Ground Cover Rock Wall2016407
Rock garden walls and slopes may be in full sun or partial shade. Be mindful of just how much light your area has to be able to pick the right plant for the right spot.   Rock garden retaining walls can be full of so many differnt types of plants. Just be sure when intermingling, that you choose plants that require the same amount of water for best success!
 STEPABLE Creeping Perennial Wall Plants    All-Terrain Ground Cover Rock Garden Plants
STEPABLES Rock Garden Floors 
All -Terrain Ground Cover Rock Garden Floor 
Asstorted STEPABLES Stonecrops Rock Garden Floor2016408   Delosperma cooperi Grooundcover in rocks 201590081.jpg
Save Water and Plant Smarter! Rock Garden Floors are simply one of the most colorful decisions you may ever make!   All-Terrain Ground Covers are incredible on rock garden floors where little to no foot traffic is required. Note: You can get past the foot traffic issue by merely adding stepping stones, then plant to your hearts content!
 STEPABLES Creeping Perennial Rock Garden Floor Plants    All-Terrain Ground Cover Drought-Wise Plants
STEPABLE Creeping Perennial -Over Rocks 
All-Terrain Ground Cover-Pocket Crevice Plant 
Sedum hispanicum Purple Form2016412   Hens n Chicks All Terrain Groundcover Crevice2016409
STEPABLES are fantastic over rocks! They creep and they crawl and they cover the rock so perfectly that it's like the rock has come alive! And...Just wait until it blooms!   All-Terrain Ground Covers work so well as pocket plantings or in between cracks. The amount of color and contrast will make any inanimate area spring into life!
 STEPABLES Creeping Perennials For Over Rocks    All-Terrain Ground Covers Crevice Plants
 STEPABLES Cracks and Crevices
All Dry Rock Garden -STEPABLES and All-Terrain Ground Covers 
Herniaria glabra in Crevice2016410   Sedum Coral Carpet rock garden2016411
 Tuck your STEPABLE in between a few stones and enjoy!    Combine STEPABLES and All-Terrains Ground Covers to make colors and contrasts stand out with color all year!
 STEPABLE Creeping Perennials for Cracks and Crevices    STEPABLE and All-Terrain Drought-Wise Plants
Incorporate a Rock Garden
in Your Landscape Today!
Become a Rock Garden Maniac!
Fun Plants, Little Maintanence and a LOT of Bloom!




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