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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About STEPABLES

Q: Which STEPABLES plant is the best for lawn replacement or lawn alternative in full sun?

A: Any of the Thymes work great, but Isotoma fluviatilis Blue Star Creeper is my favorite for milder climates with not too hot afternoon sun.  

PratiasMazus and Thymes are also great choices and and of the Sedum or sun veronicas.

Q: Which STEPABLES plant is the best for lawn alternative or lawn replacement in part shade?
A: I like the any of the Leptinellas Brass Buttons! They feel so nice on the bottom of your feet!

Isotoma fluviatilis-Blue Star Creeper will also work in part shade as long as it gets enough light. 

Veronica repens-Creeping Speedwell and Veronica repens Sunshine will also do the trick.

Q:  Which STEPABLES groundcover is the fastest growing?

A: We have a lot of them! Lysimachia nummularia Golden Creeping Jenny 

Isotoma fluviatilis  Blue Star Creeper are the top two.

Mazus is also another group that will grow at a fast clip.

 Q:  Which STEPABLES plants are drought tolerant and will take hot afternoon sun?

A: Take a look at our Drought-Wise collection to see our large selection of plants that will take the hot, baking sun and still thrive in drought. 

Drought-Wise Ideas

Q. Which STEPABLES plants are evergreen groundcovers?

A: That is very dependent on Mother Nature. Most of our plants are minimally semi-evergreeen, tightening up as winter cold arrives. If the winter is easy going, you will see more foliage. If harsh, you will see less. ThymesSedums and Veronicas are the most reliable.

Q. Are STEPABLES groundcovers a good lawn alternative-lawn replacement to planting grass and using lawn mowers?

A: Absolutely! STEPABLES help reduce your carbon footprint by taking the place of grass so you can throw away your gas guzzling, carbon dioxide emitting, ozone eating lawn mower! 

Q:  Which STEPABLES are eco-friendly groundcovers?  

A: All of them! 

By planting STEPABLES around your shrubs you will use less bark (saves trees), less water (saves water) and less chemicals (you won't need as much fertilizer or herbicides to manage your landscape). In addition, You will not need a gas guzzling-air polluting lawn mower, which will help our air quality. All of these benefits from planting STEPABLES will keep your landscape on a happy and healthy path!

See Bark/Mulch Replacement Ideas

Q:  Which STEPABLES plants are your favorite-go to plants?

A: My favorite is Sedum album Coral Carpet because it changes colors throughout the year.

Sedum John Creech is my favorite for people who have terrible luck with plants.

Mentha requienii because is smells so amazing when you walk on it!

Fragaria Lipstick because is has tasty strawberries and flowers a ton!

Armeria Victor Reiter because it blooms little pink powder puffs!

Q:  Which STEPABLES plants are your favorite-go to plants?

A: My favorite is Sedum album Coral Carpet because it changes colors throughout the year.

Sedum John Creech is my favorite for people who have terrible luck with plants.

Mentha requienii because is smells so amazing when you walk on it!

Fragaria Lipstick because is has tasty strawberries and flowers a ton!

Armeria Victor Reiter because it blooms little pink powder puffs!

Q:  Which is the best thyme lawn substitution?

A: My favorite is Thymus Elfin Thyme, but Red Creeping ThymeWooly Thyme or White Creeping Thyme is nice too!

Q:  What STEPABLE plant would be perfect for small interlocking pavers for a walkway?

  A: Use the smallest of STEPABLES plants so they will not over run the pavers.

Elfin ThymeCreeping Wire VineLeptinella gruveri, Corsican Mint, Sedum humifusum

Q:  What STEPABLES perennial is best around a drain spout?

A: I like to use Lysimachia nummulatia Golden Creeping Jenny or Eleocharis radicans Miniature RushVariegated Pennywort


Q: How far apart do I need to space my stones on my walkway when I plant Sagina subulata Irish Moss?

A: Sagina subulata Irish Moss will grow very fast and will re-seed. Stone spacing can be 1 inch apart up to 6 inches. Since this little guy re-seeds, you will have lots of little "freebies" to move and transplant in other various places.

Q:  Can I make pathway gardens with my STEPABLES?

A: Yes! Check out some of our favorite photos! You can mix and match many STEPABLES Creeping Perennials to make a pretty pathway garden.

STEPABLE Creeping Perennial Plants for Pathways.

Q:  Are STEPABLES ground covers bird friendly?

A: Yes! As a matter of fact, by planting STEPABLES in your yard, the make the perfect carpeting for wildlife refuge area, bird sanctuary, or butterfly garden.

Fragaria Lipstick it is a great food source for wildlife!

Q:  What STEPABLES perennial is best in a fairy garden?

A: Many of our plants will work great for fairy gardens! I would look at the smallest of foliage plants to use in these little gardens...AND SLOW growth rates!!! Your little fairy garden will be over-run in two weeks if you do not select a slow growth plant.                       

Search Fairy Garden Plants Now

Q:  What is the slowest STEPABLES ground cover to use as a pathway plant?

A: Thymus Elfin thymeMuehlenbeckia axillaris Creeping Wire VineMazus radicans and Sedum requieniiSedum humifusum
Q:  Which STEPABLE has the longest flowering cycle ground cover? 

A: Isotoma fluviatilis Blue Star Creeper by far followed by Pratia Super Star.  


Q:  Can STEPABLES be used in a terrarium? 

A: Yes! Most of our plants can handle terrarium conditions! Pick ones with tighter foliage so they will not overgrow their boundaries too fast.

Search Miniature Plants 

Q:  I would like a moss garden, which STEPABLES groundcover can I use?

A: Irish Moss, Scotch MossSilene acaulis are best. Sedum acre and Sedum acre Aureum are succulents that look like moss, along with Sedum humifusum. 


Q:  Will I break my STEPABLES perennials if I walk on them?

A: No! As a matter of fact, the more you walk on them, the tougher they get!

Remember though to check the foot traffic indicator for just how foot friendly each plant is!

Q:  Are all pathway plants the same?

A: No. Some grow very fast and need space to roam, while some are very slow. Tip: The larger the stone, the more foot traffic the stone will take. The smaller the stone, the more the plant will take the foot traffic. Choose your plant by growth rate and foot traffic to determine the right plant for the right spot. See More Path Ideas 

Q:  Which STEPABLE perennial can be used for miniature railroads?

A. The shortest plants are best. Remember to keep things in proper scale.

Q. Are STEPABLES groundcovers dangerous to walk on?

A: Heavens no! However, keep in mind that anything on the ground can become slippery and our plants are not skid resistant.  Use caution when walking on plants and stones when wet. 
Q. Which STEPABLES plants won't crowd in on my other plants?

A: Look for a slow to moderate growth rate for your ground covers. This way they will play nicely together. 


Q:  How high will Isotoma fluviatilis Blue Star Creeper grow on a pathway garden?

A: Isotoma fluviatilis Blue Star Creeper, along with most pathway plants will continue to spread when given room to roam. When these groundcovers hit a boundary, they bump up and over. Walking on them will keep them flat to the ground. 


Q:  Which STEPABLES is great for draping over a retaining wall?

A: Foliage color is key. The best plant for retaining walls in my opinion is Golden Creeping Jenny. It is amazing in every possible situation.


Q:  What STEPABLES plants can I use in a Butterfly garden?

A: Late spring and summer blooming STEPABLES will be great!  Mix and match or dedicate one color as your carpeting of choice.

Wooly thymeSedum John CreechSedum Coral Carpet

Q:  Which STEPABLES creeping perennial ground covers can be used around a pool?

A: Keep in mind bees like pools, so a spring blooming groundcover is best.   

Q:  What are the best STEPABLES groundcovers for a moist shade area?

A: The moneyworts do their best work in moist shade! Lysimachia_nummularia_Creeping_Jenny-MoneywortLysimachia_Golden_Creeping_Jenny-Moneywort

Check out all shade STEPABLES

Q:  What are the best STEPABLES ground covers for dry shade?

A: Chocolate Chip AjugaLeptinellaLysimachia-GreenLysimachia_GoldenSedum Coral Carpet. 

Check out more shady ideas!


Q:  What is the difference between STEPABLE plants and other brands on the market?


A: Under A Foot Plant Company is the originator of the concept of marketing plants that you can walk on. We have been doing the hard work of research and development on our STEPABLES plants for 15 years to bring your the best possible gardening experience with plants we know will work for you. Other companies simply mimic our concept, and sell the plants, but that's as far as their experience goes. 

We work very hard to bring you a product that delivers performance in the garden as well as under your feet. We will continue to help further your gardening experience with sound advice and inspirational photos to help you build the STEPSCAPES of your dreams. 

Thank you for visiting our site!

Q:  Why are there different plants for pathways than for courtyards and patios? Aren't they all STEPABLES?

A: Yes they are all STEPABLES, however through our years and years of research, we have learned that we must go one more step to help gardeners pick the right plant for the right spot.

Pathways, Walkways and Garden Stairs take direct foot traffic and require moderate of heavy foot traffic plants.

Courtyards and Patio plantings can take a different tack as moderate or heavy foot traffic plants can be planted (or none at all) in between the stones, but light foot traffic plants can be planted around the perimeter.

Check out our Pathways, Courtyard and Patio Ideas!









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