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Soil Preparation:

Very few homeowners start with an amazing soil base for gardening. Many have new homes with lousy soil that has been crushed and compacted thanks to heavy equipment. Some have homes with clay soil that make planting an absolute chore, while others have sandy soil that makes the summer months a terrible ordeal to keep the plants from becoming crispy critters.

So what's a person to do??

First and foremost...take a soil sample to your local garden store to figure out what kind of soil you have!!!
By doing this one move, you can save yourself years of headache and heartache.
Your local garden store can zero in on what you have already and what you need as an amendment to your soil. Every area has its own little quirks and you local expert can guide you in the right direction for your garden.
Things to remember about your soil when planting STEPABLES®

  • Proper soil prep is the key to all success with STEPABLE® plants. Most of these little plants do not like being in wet, damp, soaking areas. There are some that do, but for the most part, these plants like being watered but then need time for their roots to dry out.
  • It is imperative that they have well draining soil which will allow the water to penetrate past the plant in a reasonable amount of time without puddling up around the base. Soil that is waterlogged can deprive vital oxygen to the roots of the plant. This saturation factor is the leading cause of diseases that can infect your plant and cause death.
  • Adding gravel (large or small, big chunks of bark, or sand, along with a nice organic soil amendment will create a bed strong roots underground. This will in turn, create the support that will help grow a happy-go-lucky plant above the ground.
  • Do not depress your plant so much to create a divot. This again will cause puddling up around the base of the plant. The plant should be even with the soil line to ensure proper water drainage.

Watering Practices:

  • Watering: STEPABLE® plants like to be on a wet/dry cycle to be happy.
  • Water your STEPABLE® thoroughly, then let the plant dry out completely, almost to the point of wilting. Then water thoroughly again and continue this cycle until your plant is well established.
  • Later, you can pull back the watering cycle even more as the plant will have sufficient root system to take on the additional lack of water.
Many of our plants can take extreme heat or dry, so check the plant care page for watering guidelines and if drought conditions are tolerated.




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